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NEXT EVENT: Maddison Mcferrin
22 april 2020 - postponed

we throw events

Photo Credits - Jascha Hase, Lina Mari and Tainá Moreno

We produce, book, document and host events. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you're looking for content or have interest in our venue. Our network is versatile and spread out globally.

Baketown started as a studio and a gathering of several talented musicians and musical projects that were somehow orbiting around the same space in time. Many reasons to celebrate followed; releases, new bands that formed and friends that visited from out of town. Many ‘Baketown parties’ came out of that process slowly becoming a platform for live music and new alliances. A forming moment for that was the collective Baketown concert we did in the Berlin Planetarium which was a very sweet showcase of what we are about. Artists presenting their own work but blending into each other's projects and supporting them musically. Adding the visual aspect that the Planetarium offered we managed to really include all facets of what we were exploring. From there, taking bookings outside of the studio and to other stages of all kinds was a natural next step. If you're looking for good music; we can help you out with that.

WE create content

Photo Credit - Lina Mari

As a team we’ve produced music videos and live sessions and in our individual works have experience in commercial productions, events and artistic projects. We are happy to make audiovisual work and support projects with branding and content.

In spring 2019, Lenny Kravitz asked Baketown to produce the video to his next single ‘5 More Days To Summer’. The video was shot in Berlin and tells the story of an older man who worked hard all his life and finally finds a break to enjoy the youth he's never really lived.

Direction: Noah Becker
Production: Tainá Moreno & Noah Becker for Baketown
DOP: Alexander Schneider
Art Direction: Alexander Pankiv-Greene
Actor: Carlos Lagoeiro
Styling: Sina Braetz for OOR Studio
Hair & Make Up: Janina Zais
Post-production house : Royal Post
Post-production coordinator : Renaud Coulon
Editor: Adriana Legay
Grade artist : Natacha Ikoli
Production assistants: Emily Orshan, Rani Messias
Styling assistants: Fabio Pace, Charlotte Jadke, Niklas Trnka

Special thank you to: Djibrill Cisse, Nikeata Thompson, Birdmilk Collective, Cafe Zum Lowen, Teatro Munganga, Splash Studios, Glint Berlin, Numero Berlin

we release music

We release music we love and believe in. Toward the end of 2019 Baketown supported a number of important releases including a collaborative single series from Bakery, a studio performance from Ozwol Me for his debut single 'Blue Lagoon' and Gourmet's latest EP 'Peace Forever Senegal Sea Castle'.